RECO Bulletins are a series of publications developed to provide helpful information to brokerages and real estate agents about their duties and obligations under the Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2002 and its regulations. This page also provides access to publications related to RECO Bulletins.

RECO Bulletins are for convenience only, they do not constitute legal advice. For complete details consult the legislation. Bulletins may be revised or updated and new bulletins will be added. Current versions are located here. 

RECO Information Guide

RECO Information Guide
Guide d'information du COI
RECO Information Guide (Commercial)

Information and Disclosure to Self-Represented Party form

Information and Disclosure to Self-Represented Party form (designated representation version)
Information and Disclosure to Self-Represented Party form (brokerage representation version)

1.0 Professional conduct and compliance

1.1 Professional conduct
1.2 Duty to comply with legislation
1.3 Notice requirements

2.0 Relationships and representation agreements

2.1 RECO Information Guide
2.2 Representation
2.3 Representation agreements
2.4 Dealing with a self-represented party
2.5 Confidentiality
2.6 Customer relationships not permitted
2.7 Implied representation agreements

3.0 Disclosures

3.1 Disclosures, consents, and acknowledgements
3.2 Multiple representation
3.3 Financial benefits
3.4 Personal trades and property interests
3.5 Conflicts of interest

4.0 Offers

4.1 Number and content of competing offers
4.2 Managing a delayed offer presentation process
4.3 Managing a pre-emptive offer

5.0 Advertising

5.1 Advertising requirements
5.2 Permitted terms
5.3 Advertising online
5.4 Advertising sold properties
5.5 Advertising compliance review
5.5.1 Advertising compliance review form
5.6 Advertising complaints from brokerages
5.6.1 Advertising complaint form

6.0 Remuneration

6.2 Remuneration clause in an agreement of purchase and sale

7.0 General practice

7.1 Protection of property
7.2 Lockboxes
7.3 Material facts
7.4 Facts a seller has a legal obligation to disclose
7.5 Stigmas

8.0 Brokerages

8.1 Unclaimed money in the real estate trust account
8.2 Shortfalls and missing property