FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND BROKERAGES: RECO’s online tool for sharing the RECO Information Guide and Information and Disclosure to Self-represented Party forms

RECO has developed an online tool to support real estate agents in meeting their obligation to share the RECO Information Guide with a consumer before any services or assistance are provided, and the Information and Disclosure to Self-represented Party form that must be shared before any assistance is provided to a self-represented party. As of December 1, 2023, agents are required provide the guide and form and to explain their content.

Instructions for real estate agents and brokerages on how to use the RECO online tool:

  1. Go to to access the online tool.
  2. Select the button to share either the RECO Information Guide or the appropriate Information and Disclosure to Self-represented Party form.
  3. Fill in the required information and contact details for the consumer you want to share the guide or form with, and then click the share button.
  4. After you click the share button, you will receive an email confirmation that the guide or form was shared, and the consumer will receive an email with a unique link to view the guide or form. You should confirm with the consumer that they received the email, in case you entered the wrong email address or that it was directed to their “junk” folder by mistake.
  5. The consumer will receive the guide and/or form that includes an acknowledgement section. The consumer acknowledgement is voluntary.
  6. Explain the guide or the form to the consumer.

If the consumer makes the acknowledgement, an email confirmation of the acknowledgement will be sent to the consumer and the agent.