Your complaint is important to RECO. The information provided in your complaint helps us assess the conduct of a real estate agent or brokerage in Ontario and, when necessary, take appropriate action to address the misconduct and to protect the public interest.

Your complaint, and others RECO receives, helps to identify emerging issues in the real estate sector that will inform RECO’s policy positions on legislative and regulatory reforms. RECO also uses complaint information to improve education programs and enhance practice guidance.

Before you submit a complaint with RECO

Have you discussed your concerns with the real estate agent?

You can do so by phone or email. Keep a record of any conversations or correspondence as these may be helpful to RECO when assessing your complaint.

Have you discussed your concerns with the broker of record (the person who oversees the brokerage)?

If you share your concerns about your real estate agent or the services provided under your representation agreement with the broker of record, they may be able to assist you in resolving the matter without delay.

You are not required to discuss your concerns with the real estate agent or broker of record prior to filing a complaint with RECO. However, it is often the best place to start.

Have you gathered evidence to support your complaint?

Helpful information to provide with your complaint might include:

  • the representation agreement (sometimes called a listing agreement or buyer representation agreement);
  • offer documents or the agreement of purchase and sale;
  • any consents or acknowledgements you might have signed;
  • listing information for the property in question, if applicable; and,
  • any relevant correspondence or communications.

All information you provide will assist us in reviewing and assessing the matter. We will follow up with you for additional information, as needed.

Ready to submit your complaint to RECO?

To submit a complaint, please complete the online complaint form.

If you have questions, please call 416-207-4800 or 1-800-245-6910.

Learn about what happens after you submit a complaint.