You can search for a real estate agent or brokerage using RECO’s public register for real estate agents and brokerages who are registered to trade in real estate in Ontario.

What appears on the public register?

All real estate agents and brokerages are searchable on the public register. Information available includes:

  • Agent or brokerage name
  • Registration number
  • Registration status (confirm they are “registered”)
  • Expiry date of the registration
  • For a brokerage, the name of the broker of record and ownership information
  • Business contact information

Other information available includes enforcement activities within the past 5 years such as referrals to hearings and related discipline decisions, charges and convictions under the legislation, registrar’s proposals to refuse, revoke, suspend, or apply conditions to a registration, and decisions issued by the Licence Appeal Tribunal.

Why does RECO have a public register?

It is a requirement under the Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2002 that RECO maintain a public register. The public register must include prescribed information about real estate agents, brokerages, and any related enforcement activities.

The public register is updated frequently. While RECO endeavours to ensure that the information posted on the register is current, accurate and complete, without limiting the generality of the website terms and conditions, RECO does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that it is and accepts no liability or obligation relating thereto.

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