Your real estate agent may ask you to complete an information statement about the property you are selling.  

The statement will provide information related to defects, renovations, and other pertinent property information, based on your knowledge and experience.

Before you complete the statement, you and your real estate agent need to be clear about how it might be used.

Information statement for your real estate agent

Your real estate agent may ask you to provide information about the property that is intended to help them support you in selling your property and identify any disclosures you, as the seller, are required to make by law. 

In this case, it should be clear that the information in the statement you are completing is for your real estate agent and is not to be shared with buyers. 

Information statement for interested buyers

Some sellers make information available to interested buyers. If you intend to prepare an information statement for this purpose, speak with your real estate agent about the pros and cons. 

This statement is sometimes referred to as a Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS). 

If you provide your real estate agent with an information statement that is intended to provide information to buyers, your real estate agent must disclose this fact to every interested buyer. If an interested buyer requests a copy of it, the real estate agent must provide it.