In Ontario, anyone registered to trade in real estate is permitted to trade in residential, commercial or other types of real estate. 

Before becoming registered as a real estate agent (salesperson), you must complete the Real Estate Salesperson Program, which teaches you about the fundamentals of trading in real estate and the rules you must follow.

What are the admissions requirements?

To qualify for admission into the program, an applicant must hold a Canadian secondary school diploma or GED certificate, or an acceptable equivalent credential. A list of equivalent credentials is posted on Humber’s Real Estate Programs website.

About the program

RECO has partnered with Humber College and NIIT Canada to provide an exciting approach to real estate education in Ontario. RECO’s Real Estate Salesperson Program supports aspiring real estate agents in becoming practice-ready from day one when they enter the profession. 

The Real Estate Salesperson Program provides many benefits, including:

  • A learning path that follows the flow of a real estate transaction, providing learners with a practical understanding of the key aspects of real estate trades. The program includes relevant course content, examinations and practical simulation sessions with coaching and support from expert facilitators.
  • A knowledge management system (KMS) provides learners with an online databank of searchable, just-in-time reference materials – for example, job aids, checklists and guides.
  • Optional facilitated review sessions to discuss challenging key concepts covered in the eLearning modules.
  • Mandatory simulation sessions that assesses learners’ application of course content. Learners have the opportunity to practice important elements of a transaction in a structured and interactive environment, and receive coaching and support from facilitators, in preparation for providing compliant and high-quality service to consumers.

RECO looks forward to developing the real estate agents of tomorrow while continuing to enhance the reputation and professional standards of the sector.

After successfully completing the Pre-Registration Phase of the program, you have 12 months from the completion date to apply for registration as a real estate agent (salesperson) with RECO.

Please visit the Humber College website for more information about the real estate program.

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